Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Musicians: Enter your Calendar Dates at ArtistData and sync them up with All About Jazz, JamBase, Last.FM and Soon Facebook

Attention Musicians!

All About Jazz has joined the ArtistData network which allows musicians to submit calendar dates once and distribute them to over ten music websites.

"ArtistData is a free syndication service that allows musicians to save a tremendous amount of time entering calendar dates... Musicians enter shows at and see them auto-posted to AAJ and other sites like MySpace, Twitter, PureVolume and Jambase," says Michael Ricci, Founder of All About Jazz. "AAJ's traffic is quickly approaching one million monthly readers and it's essential for musicians to have their calendar dates listed at In addition to the website, their dates will be accessible through AllAboutJazz: Mobile and will appear in our monthly AllAboutJazz: New York print edition."

If you're a musician, record label, manager, or agency, learn more about ArtistData by signing up today.

How ArtistData works:

  1. Sign up for an ArtistData account.

  2. Import your shows or enter them manually. Also enter news and blog entries.

  3. ArtistData synchronizes your shows to you profile on MySpace, PureVolume, and soon Facebook.

  4. ArtistData updates your status on Twitter, Facebook, and Virb with shows, news, and blog info.

  5. ArtistData submits your shows to concert databases such as All About Jazz, Jambase,, and many more.

  6. ArtistData updates your official news feed with shows, news, and blog info.

  7. ArtistData updates your official website through XML or a customizable calendar widget.

  8. ArtistData updates your desktop calendar (iCal, Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Calendar).

  9. ArtistData allows you to export formatted show lists for import to SonicBids and ReverbNation.

  10. ArtistData automates the submission of shows for listing in local publications. See the screencast below.

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