Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pianist/Composer Barney McAll Interviewed at AAJ

Composer and pianist Barney McAll is a leading light of the new Brooklyn--the New York borough that is the fount of much that is new in jazz. The spectrum of McAll's music is wide, ranging from mood-setting jazz ensemble recordings to electronica. But it all comes down to the notes, and their relation to each other. As McAll says about growing up with and learning music, "If you have a piano in the house that's a start." Organic music is both the source and the destination.

McAll's fifth album, Flashbacks (Extra Celestial Arts, 2008), has its launch party April 8, 2009 at New York's The Jazz Standard. The launch will feature leading musicians such as Billy Harper and Ben Monder. AAJ Contributor Simon J. Harper spoke at great length with McAll about his five albums, working with Gary Bartz, film music, and much much more in Barney McAll: Dynamic Pianist And Composer, the first of a number of features at AAJ today to shine a spotlight on McAll and his music.

In addition to Simon's in-depth interview, you can read Mark F. Turner's insightful review of Flashbacks, also published today at AAJ.

AAJ will also be featuring four MP3 Daily Downloads, so that you can hear a broad cross-section of music from McAll's discography. Here's what will be available:

  • APR 07
    Release the Day
    from Release the Day
    (Transparent Music/Jazzhead, 2000)
  • APR 08
    Thirty Two
    from Widening Circles
    (Jazzhead, 1998)
  • APR 09
    Yemaya One
    from Mother of Dreams & Secrets
    (Jazzhead, 2005)
  • APR 10
    from Flashbacks
    (Extra Celestial Arts, 2008)

Finally, you can watch McAll in action, from a 1990s Australian Television Broadcast with his Barney McAll Unit, today's AAJ Daily Video.

AAJ continues to bring you the most extensive jazz coverage on the web. Check out all the buzz surrounding Barney McAll at AAJ today!

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