Monday, June 8, 2009

AAJ Celebrates Steve Lehman's New Release with Two Reviews and a Free Download

Alto saxophonist Steve Lehman's Travail, Transformation, and Flow is his most fully-realized album to date. AAJ is celebrating the June 9, 2009 release of his new octet album with two reviews and a free downloadable MP3 track from the album:
  1. Read Mark F. Turner's insightful review, up at AAJ today;

  2. Download "Echoes," the opening track on Travail, Transformation, and Flow, also available via Lehman's Musician Profile, Take Five Interview and the CD review pages;

  3. You can also read Troy Collins' equally in-depth review of Travail, Transformation, and Flow tomorrow morning, June 9.

AAJ's mission is to provide as much coverage as possible around new releases. Be sure to check out the buzz surrounding Steve Lehman's Travail, Transformation, and Flow at AAJ today!

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