Friday, October 2, 2009

Progressive Saxophonist/Flautist Theo Travis Interviewed at AAJ...And More!

British musician Theo Travis has one of the most varied performing and recording histories to be found among contemporary jazz musicians. A talented saxophonist, flautist and composer, Travis has performed solo, in duos and quartets, in straight ahead jazz combos and in electronic, improvisational groups.

Despite his extensive back catalog, however, Theo Travis is not as well-known to jazz or prog fans as he should be. This may be due in part to his unassuming nature and a refreshing lack of ego, or to his determination to play what he enjoys rather than just playing for the money or the exposure. Whatever the reason, the lack of fame is not mirrored by a lack of work: Travis is constantly involved with musical projects, groups and collaborations with an at times bewildering array of players. He's a busy man, as he readily admits.

AAJ Contributor Bruce Lindsay spoke with Travis about his multifaceted career, working with some of the most prominent names in progressive/art rock, and the development of Ambitronics, his own woodwind response to Fripp's Frippertronics and Soundscapes. Read Bruce's informative interview, Theo Travis: From Prog to Jazz and Back Again, at AAJ today!

But that's not all. You can read AAJ Managing Editor John Kelman's review of Slow Life (Ether Sounds, 2003), an album of solo flute that spawned Ambitronics, also published at AAJ today.

Finally, watch Travis live, a 2009 solo performance that demonstrates his use of Ambitronics, today's AAJ Daily Video.

AAJ is committed to bringing you the most extensive coverage anywhere, so check out the buzz surrounding Theo Travis at AAJ today!

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