Sunday, November 22, 2009

AAJ Help Wanted: Editors and Ad Sales

All About Jazz is a crowd-sourcing website produced by a volunteer staff of jazz enthusiasts. Thanks to our dedicated team of writers and editors, we've achieved impressive growth over the last several years. To keep pace with our growth, however, we need to constantly expand our staff. If you have an interest in working with us, even if it's for just a few hours a week, please contact the appropriate person below about our available positions.



  • Article Editors (5)
  • CD review Editors (3)
  • Interview Editor (1)
  • Managing Editor Assistant (1)
  • Photo Editor (1)


All editors are trained and furnished with the necessary tools, reference material and support. Familiarity with the basic HTML tags (bold, italic, paragraph break, line break, hotlink) and image manipulation is helpful, but not mandatory.

Contact: John Kelman

Ad Sales Rep
Paid CommissionAll About Jazz is looking for an ad sales rep to contact record labels, venues, festivals, instrument manufacturers and other potential industry advertisers. Established connections in the industry or at the very least, familiarity with the industry is preferred. Must be a self starter and must have a general understanding of online sales and some familiarity with All About Jazz. You will work directly with Michael Ricci and use Google Ad Manager. AAJ will pay you a 20% commission on the gross sale of each campaign.

Contact: Michael Ricci

CD Assignment Coordinator
Volunteer - Philadelphia Area All About Jazz is looking for someone to listen to and organize incoming promotional CDs, and prepare packages to be sent to AAJ writers for review consideration. One to two days a month at AAJ HQ (in Lansdale) is required.

Contact: Michael Ricci

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