Friday, September 23, 2011

Contributor News: Kickin' it Up a Notch!

We've had our mojo workin' since July as we continue to improve All About Jazz and roll out new features; we're also looking for two new editors to support our staff. Please read on for the latest...

1. Help Wanted: Take Five/iTunes Playlist Editor

Well... maybe some. We're looking for someone to spend an hour a week preparing Take Five articles and iTunes Playlist articles. If you have time, have some familiarity with simple HTML tagging, and have a basic understanding of AAJ house style, please contact me to discuss.

2. Help Wanted: CD Review Editor

We're looking for someone who can help John Kelman and Jeff Rzepiela edit CD reviews. Same deal as above (an understanding of AAJ's house style). When you spend your time editing is strictly up to you--we're simply looking for a minimum of two reviews a day. And if you read AAJ, you know we have some very fine writers whose reviews will only take 10-15 minutes to prepare.

3. Looking for CDs to Review?

We updated the AAJ Contributor Start Page with a "REQUEST CDS TO REVIEW" link. If you're looking for CDs to review, please peruse our active list.

4. Improvements: A Bunch

We are on a roll! Since our last contributor announcement, we relaunched, modified the login and private message section, improved the musician profile page, topped 11,000 Twitter followers, added Google +1 to our articles, increased the speed of our article pages by 60%, added related audio to our articles, upgraded the photo gallery, topped 7 million MP3 downloads, and now offer a wallpaper/skin advertising option.

Up next: On demand audio, a new jazz website, improving the sign up/sign in/sign out process, and a few more surprises.

James Nadal's Seafood Paella 5. James Nadal: Wears Another Hat

James Nadal, the chef at Restaurant El Yugo in San Sebastian, PR has long been associated with All About Jazz as a musician profile editor--claiming nearly 1,300 profiles to his name. He replied to our help wanted post back in June, graciously stepping up to assume the video of the day editor position. Thank you so much, James!

6. Your iTunes Playlists: Submit Your Own Today!

We'd like to regularly publish iTunes playlists as articles and we want to start by publishing favorite playlists by our contributor community. If you use iTunes and create playlists, please upload one of your faves here. It only takes a minute and we'd greatly appreciate your help.

7. What Jazz Musicians Expect from Music Journalists

Journalist Willard Jenkins recently polled a group of prominent jazz artists. His question: when you read music journalism/criticism what qualities are you looking for in the writer and the writing? Read bassist Ben Allison and pianist Bill Anschell's answers here.

Thank you for your continued support and creativity,

Michael Ricci

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