Monday, August 17, 2009

Attention: Publicists! Tips to Freely Syndicate Your Announcements via RSS, Twitter, FriendFeed and All About Jazz

All About Jazz has developed a simple solution for you to freely syndicate your jazz-related news announcements and press releases for maximum exposure. Follow these simple steps and your blog posts will appear in your RSS feed, on your Twitter page, at the All About Jazz News Center and get syndicated around the web via AAJ's own syndication feeds and the AAJ News widget.

Seven Steps To Syndication:

  1. Sign up at Blogger:;
  2. Post a press release to Blogger;
  3. Send Michael Ricci a link to your blog;
  4. All About Jazz will update your AAJ publicity firm listing with your RSS feed location;
  5. All About Jazz technology will read your RSS feed (nightly) and post your new announcements to the AAJ News Center automatically. AAJ will also syndicate your announcements via our own RSS Feed, Google, and our News Widget;
  6. Sign up at Twitter:;
  7. Sign up at FriendFeed:;
    • Click "Tools" and click "Post to Twitter." Friendfeed will auto-post all announcement headlines and links to Twitter for you. Example:
Setting up these accounts will take minutes and the benefits are an RSS feed, a blog, a Twitter feed, and syndication through the AAJ News Center. All for free.

Michael Ricci
All About Jazz

Q: Why do articles posted at All About Jazz outperform similar articles posted at other jazz sites?

A: All About Jazz has the highest page rank on the jazz web, so articles posted to AAJ will place higher at Google than the same article posted to another jazz site or blog.

What is PageRank (PR)?

Google assigns a numeric value of 0-10 for each webpage on the Internet. This PageRank value is Googles way of denoting a sites importance. The PageRank is determined by a logarithmic scale, depending on the links to a page. In other words, every page that links to a specific website is a “vote” for that page.

If the PageRank of the site that links to a specific website is high, it’s “vote” carries more weight and helps to boost the receiving pages PageRank. It is like “who you know” in the Internet Realm. In other words, a page that is linked to by many pages with high PageRank receives a high rank itself. If a site has no links to it, it is deemed unimportant to Google and will receive a 0 PageRank.

All About Jazz's page rank

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AAJ will improve your Blog's rank

Syndicating your blog's content at AAJ will improve your blogrank, in particular, your standing in the "Top Jazz blogs by the number of incoming links" category.

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