Monday, August 31, 2009

Attn: Photographers! New AAJ Photo Gallery Testers Wanted

Dear Fellow Photographers,

All About Jazz is nearing the completion of our new photo gallery and we're looking for a handful of testers that can help us find bugs and give us their impressions on our software (features, ease of use, missing functionality, etc.)

We're looking for testers that can dedicate a couple of hours a week of quality testing time which means putting our software through its paces. You'd work directly with AAJ's lead programmer (and gallery developer) Mike Lorenz. If you're interested, contact Mike at and he'll send you info on how you can get started.

The new gallery will allow you to upload high volume photos and associate them with musicians and events. We also employ tagging technology making your photos easier to find. And we plan to use the gallery to drive traffic to your website, so if you sell prints or want to market your services, this is an ideal way to reach the largest collection of jazz enthusiasts on the web.

Contact Mike if you can help us.

And we look forward to featuring everyone's work at AAJ in the near future.

Thank you!

Michael Ricci
Founder/Publisher, All About Jazz

P.S. If you haven't signed up at AAJ, please do so here. You'll need to register to test. If you signed up but forgot your login info, contact me.

Photo Credit
John Fowler

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