Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Musician News - December 2009: New Photo Gallery, Profile Improvements and More

Dear fellow musician:

We made plenty of musician-related improvements since our September newsletter. We upgraded your musician profile and we added more features to promote yourself and your music. And we're also running a $100 off sale on our Showcase and Listening Party services. Please read on...


  1. Share your photos at All About Jazz!
  2. Musician Profile improvements
  3. Your promotional service checklist: Free & Pay
  4. Your Suggestions / Your Kudos
  5. Showcase and Album Streaming Sale!
  6. Mr. P.C.'s Guide to Jazz Etiquette and Bandstand Decorum
  7. Let's Tribute Ourselves by Vincent Gardner

Share your photos at All About Jazz!

We launched the new AAJ Photo Gallery back in October and we now host over 28,000 photos! Both musicians and professional photographers are uploading and tagging photos daily and we've made several functional improvements to the gallery since its launch.

The gallery works a little like Flickr and MySpace, but is fully integrated with your musician profile at AAJ. So please upload your photos today. Publicity, performance and candid photos are all welcome.

Musician Profile improvements

If you haven't checked out your profile recently, please review the recent changes and make sure your information is current. Many musicians are building their fan base at AAJ and can communicate with them direct from their profiles. View the CONNECT tab on your profile page to view and contact your fans. Click here to learn more about building your fan base.

Make sure you add your Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, blog and other links to your profile. We'll then append those links to the bottom of your articles and news announcements. Check out this example.

We're now hosting over 18,000 jazz musician profiles and new ones are created daily. Read about our latest achievement here.

Your promotional service checklist: Free & Pay

We've recently updated the "AAJ Musician's Toolkit" page and we also created a new page detailing services you should be aware of beyond AAJ like ArtistData. Read "More Resources for Jazz Musicians."

If you recently released a CD then consider featuring a track as an AAJ MP3 Download of the Day. Our service is free and we recently featured a track by {{Sylvia Brooks = 16999}} that topped 3,300 downloads in a single day, so it has tremendous potential to raise awareness and drive traffic.

Your Suggestions / Your Kudos

We continue to gather your positive feedback about AAJ and make it public to our readers. You can view the 48 pages of kudos on our "Musicians Dig AAJ" page. We never get tired of the praise (thanks everyone!), but we're also very interested in your suggestions on how to improve AAJ to better serve you. We're collecting them here (FYI, you can input your suggestions from your profile page).

We added the Twitter link, the photo gallery and we're working on an affordable streaming audio solution. The plan is to allow you to upload and stream music right from your AAJ profile page. We'll have more news about that soon!

Showcase and Album Streaming Sale!

Place a Showcase or Listening Party order between now and the end of the year and save $100 off each purchase. The sale price on our Showcase service is $250 for one month and the sale price on the Listening Party is $250 for one week.

Learn more about our Showcase service here and our Listening Party/Album Streaming service here.

Mr. P.C.'s Guide to Jazz Etiquette and Bandstand Decorum

Read the December installment from AAJ's resident advice columnist, Mr. P.C.. Inspired by the cutting edge advice of Abigail Van Buren, the storied bass playing of Paul Chambers, and the need for a Politically Correct doctrine for navigating the minefields of jazz etiquette, he humbly offers his services to his fellow musicians. Read Mr. P.C.'s column then ask him a question.

Let's Tribute Ourselves

Trombonist Vincent Gardner would like the opportunity to play original music at a jazz festival. Who can blame him? Read his opinion piece, Let's Tribute Ourselves.

That's it for now. Have a safe and joyous holiday season.

All the best,
Michael Ricci

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