Thursday, December 3, 2009

Reskinning of AAJ Underway!

It's time for a makeover, and since late November we've been steadily converting All About Jazz to a cleaner and easier to navigate website. For the most part, we're simply moving objects and boxes around and placing them in more convenient locations. For instance, our streaming media content has been moved from the right panel of some pages to the bottom panel of all pages.

We refined each section from the top, to the middle (and right and left panels), and the bottom.

The color scheme is lighter (the background color on the home page was changed from black to white, and the content boxes were changed from dark green to light blue).

We added more items to the menu bar, making the FORUMS, NEWS and RADIO options easier to find. We also added the daily jazz photo to the right panel of each page.

What's left?

We still have to implement the new menu bar, the new Featured Stories box and the new-style content boxes. Once they are all in place we'll work on making each content box on the home page a scrollable region. This will allow readers to access more content direct from the home page.

The feedback so far has been "much cleaner," "easier to navigate," and "doesn't feel as heavy." Sounds like we're on the right track, but we still have a wee bit more to do.

We hope to have AAJ's new design fully in place by mid-December.

Michael Ricci
All About Jazz

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