Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All About Jazz Launches Listening Party/Album Streaming Service

All About Jazz and Warp Radio have partnered to offer a weekly Jazz Listening Party / Album Streaming service to record labels and musicians.

We kicked off our first party with trumpeter Nathan Eklund's Trip To The Casbah on Jazz Excursion Records.

AAJ readers can access the album in the right panel on each page and can open the player in a separate window by clicking the "up arrow" icon in the header portion of the Listening Party box. Web publishers are encouraged to place the Listening Party Widget on their site or blog.

Click here to view how the Listening Party will appear at All About Jazz.

If you have an interest in sponsoring a Listening Party, please contact Michael Ricci.

Sponsor an All About Jazz Listening Party
Stream an album to the largest collection of jazz enthusiasts on the web.

Options | Order Now

One Week$350
Two Weeks$550

What's a Listening Party?

An All About Jazz Listening Party allows you to stream a full length album to the largest collection of jazz enthusiasts in the world for an entire week. Readers can access the Listening Party from the AAJ website, from the AAJ bulletin board and from other websites and blogs via AAJ's Listening Party widget.

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