Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vocalist Tierney Sutton Interviewed at AAJ

Vocalist Tierney Sutton discovered jazz while immersed in Russian language and literature studies at Wesleyan University. During her college years she also abandoned her earlier atheism and became engaged in a lifelong study of Man's spiritual nature. She has adopted no halfway measures in any of these pursuits. Though she hasn't yet written lyrics, she brings the passion of a poet to the use of language and lyricism in her singing. Her religious devotion is Dostoevskian in its upright clarity of purpose. And what she does as a jazz singer with the Tierney Sutton Band--pianist Christian Jacob, bassist Trey Henry, bassist Kevin Axt and drummer Ray Brinker, who have been playing together since 1994--is entirely unique on the jazz landscape. As a result she is one of the brightest and fastest-rising stars in the jazz firmament.

AAJ Contributor Carl Hager spoke at length with Sutton about her new album Desire (Telarc, 2009), and the faith that runs as a thematic undercurrent.

Check out Tierney Sutton: Not a Material Girl at AAJ today!

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